Commissioner Tarence Maddox: Exclusive Interview

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Commissioner of Kansas City, Kansas (Wyandotte County), Tarence Maddox, addresses concerns and controversies surrounding local government, and notable events during his first term in office in this exclusive interview with Brandy Patterson and AlphaMale Visuals. Skip to specific questions below.

00:36 Q1: What are the roles & assignments of an elected Commissioner?

01:37 Q2: What sparked your interest in politics?

03:14 Q3: What qualifications make a great civic leader?

05:04 Q4: What training and workshops have you completed to enhance your leadership qualities?

06:01 Q5: What made you come back to get active in your community?

07:11 Q6: When are you up for re-election?

07:21 Q7: Give your reflections on your first term; the good, the bad, the ugly?

11:55 Q8: Why is it important to be involved in local government and elections?

12:29 Q9: What does it mean to be the youngest elected Commissioner in Kansas?

13:32 Q10: What are your concerns facing the citizens you serve?

17:33 Q11: What are the biggest people problems that you face?

18:49 Q12: What are some of your accomplishments in your first 3 years?

22:34 Q13: What are some of the controversies surrounding your youth night events?

27:53 Q14: What happened during the "LegoLand" incident?

31:02 Q15: What is a public censor and why was one placed on you?

32:26 Q16: What is your relationship with Minister Sharpton?

33:09 Q17: Are you running for re-election in 2015?

34:07 Q18: What are your closing statements?

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